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The Ranch


​Our Story

Welcome to LO Cattle Company

Thank you for visiting our website, and especially thank you for choosing healthy, nutritious, and delicious beef for your family!

LO Cattle Company is a family cattle ranch just west of Sand Springs, Montana.  We raise hardy northern feeder cattle on the short hard prairie grass of eastern Montana. For over 50 years we’ve managed this resource with the next generation in mind.  We work our cows from horseback, and we are serious about responsible stewardship. 

Here on the south side of the rough Missouri breaks we share God’s country with an abundance of Mule Deer, Whitetail, Antelope, and trophy Elk.  We don’t provide professional outfitting, but if you want to come enjoy a memorable hunting experience, on a real working family cow ranch, we do welcome a limited number of hunters each season. 

Speaking of family, Travis and Mary are the fourth generation on this place, since his Great-Grandad, Bill Brown, Sr. moved his family here to Calf Creek in 1960.  We are proud of our neighbors that live here, and the kids we raise here, and the family values that flourish in this remote part of the west.

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