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The Ranch

W.J. (Bill) Brown, Sr. came to Wyoming’s Powder River country from Texas in 1917, and ranched there for over 40 years.  In April of 1960, Bill and his son Bill, Jr. moved their family here, and put four ranches together to make the present-day LO Cattle Company.

High Quality Beef Cattle

From an early foundation of purebred Beau Donald Herefords, the breeding program included some of the first Simmental cattle in America in the 1970’s, but since the mid 1990’s the focus has been a straightbred commercial Angus cow herd.

By hand-selecting high quality Angus bulls from some of the top seedstock operations in Montana, we have developed a reputation line of healthy, hardy, fast-gaining feeder cattle, from a set of industrious mother cows that thrive in often harsh conditions



Here on the arid northern Great Plains, where rainfall is limited, the growing season short and the topsoil thin.  It takes careful resource management to thrive here for multiple generations.  For five decades we have steadily worked to improve the condition of our rangeland with rest-rotation grazing, develop reliable pipeline systems for stockwater, and maintain good fences and ranch facilities.

We embrace modern technology, and use real science in our decisions, so we can leave this land better than we found it.  The proof is in the product.  We improve the sustainability of our resource management with each generation, and today we raise more pounds of beef per acre, on better range forage, and less manpower than ever.



The LO ranch provides for lots of cattle and horses, but it also is home to an abundant population of wild game.   From the Antelope that race the open prairie on our south end, to Elk herds that in the pine-covered Missouri Breaks on the north, the LO offers a unique big game hunting opportunity.

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