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Meet the Crew...


Travis and Mary Brown

Raising kids and calves on the short grass prairies is a labor of love for Travis and Mary and their five kids Boedy, Blair, Brooks, Boone and Blakely.  Mary also operates a dental office, Arrowhead Dental, located in Jordan, MT.  Travis represents the 4th Generation and the kids represent the 5th Generation on this same ranch.  Travis and Mary enjoy attending the Big Dry Roping Club, and visiting her family in Thermopolis, WY.

Clint and DaLauna Potts
Clint Potts and his wife DaLauna have been with LO Cattle Company since 1999.  They have 2 kids, Forrest and Claire.  Clint is a past winner of the Top Hand award at the NILE Ranch Rodeo (Montana's State Championship).  Clint is a top hand to gather, doctor, vaccinate, brand, and move our cows and calves.  Clint grew up on a horse, and also is an excellent horse trainer, selling horses through his business  X + Horses.  

Kyle Thompson

Kyle grew up in Wisconsin, but has been out west for years.  Kyle is an avid outdoorman, excellent hunter (former guide), and a good mechanic.  Kyle is an all around hand, and is a good monitoring health in the feedlot as he is doctoring in the pasture.  

Kori McMillan

Kori grew up around Forsyth and loves horse and cattle work.  Kori is an excellent hand, patient and calm with her colts as well as calm and quiet around the cattle.  Kori likes kids, and can usually be found with a trail of little ranch kids following her and her dogs around.

Brown Family:

Taylor and Shannon own Northern Broadcasting System, bringing Northern Ag Network ag news, local news, and local sports to Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas.  The also own and operate KGHL AM 790, the oldest radio station in Billings, MT. 

Courtney is the sales Director at Northern Broadcasting. Her and her husband Johnny Kibblewhite live in Billings with their two kids Nia and Jac.
Colter is the Ag Director at Northern Ag Network.  He and his wife Kayla live in Laurel and have two kids, Owen and Hudson. 
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