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In a place where many ranches are passed down from generation to generation, we remember our past and care about the future of this land.  Stewardship, Range Management, and Low Stress  Cattle Handling are a part of our way of life here.  We know that without taking care of the land and the livestock we won't survive out here in "next year country".  

We would like to thank you for visiting our site and taking some time to see what life is like out here at the LO Bar.

Our Story

The Missouri Breaks have not changed much since Lewis and Clark passed through over 200 years ago, and truly are a unique part of Montana's last best place.  In Garfield County, one of the least populated counties in the lower 48 states, the cows outnumber the people by about 5 to 1.  This is a place where the nearest yardlight is often several miles away, yet you rely on those neighbors each and every day.

LO Cattle Company started in Sand Springs on April Fools Day in 1960, by Bill Brown Sr. and Bill Brown Jr., and was originally know as W.J. Brown and Son.  The name was later changed to LO Cattle Company to reflect the LO Bar brand that we still brand on the right hip.  

Starting as a herd of commercial Hereford cattle, influenced by both registered Beau Donald Herefords and some of the first Simmental cattle in the state of Montana, and evolving today into commercial angus base cattle we raise today we are very proud of the cattle that roam these open prairies.

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