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The Rocky Mountain Elk found in the Missouri Breaks are some of the highest quality elk found anywhere in the world.  The high quality genetics and the limited permit draws for both rifle and archery hunting coupled with open country and abundant feed make the elk in this area very desirable.  

Elk are historically a plains species and have a nearly idea habitat here, where they can find some timber for cover, but spend much of there time roaming the sagebrush hills.  

Article about Elk Hunting at LO Cattle Company in Spring 2014 Issue of Big Buck Magazine

We were very honored to be featured in the spring issue of Big Buck Magazine, you can check our article out by clicking on the link to the right or visit their website at, or better yet pick up a copy of their fantastic magazine.

"The Brown Ranch near Sand Springs, MT is premier ranch to hunt trophy bull elk in the west. With a herd of branch antlered bulls numbering over a hundred head, it's enough to make the most experienced elk hunter giddy with excitement. This is a very unique opportunity where a majority of the elk you see will be bulls. The Brown Ranch is where the big boys are when nobody else can find them. You will never find another opportunity like this in MT and maybe not even in the west."  
Tucker Boyd (Successful Elk Hunter)
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